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The new patient intake process can vary for every patient that walks through your door. Make your patient intake process more efficient. Our unique EHR technology incorporates a flexible CRM module that allows you to standardize your workflow yet customize for each patient’s needs. Manage phone calls, tasks, and prospective patients faster and more accurately

  • Manage incoming and outgoing calls
  • Document new patient information
  • Record all activities of users and patients
  • Create and assign tasks to one or more users
  • Set up reminders, so users know what to do and when to do it
  • Fill out forms in the portal which auto-populate into the EHR


Every clinic has its own set of steps and protocols when scheduling patient appointments and checking patients in for their visit. The digital medical records system from EHR YOUR WAY is unique because of how seamlessly we can integrate in the steps that your team is used to. Set up your specific workflows with our Appointments module to inform you of your next steps so you can focus more on the task at hand.

  • Set up recurring individual and group appointments
  • View multiple provider’s schedules on one screen
  • Search provider’s schedules by location and service
  • Set up automated text, voice, and email reminders for patients
  • Automate patient insurance eligibility checks
  • Automate notifications for patient co-pay and co-insurance requirements at check-in

Making Notes

Easily & quickly makes notes using your existing forms. We’ll create a verbatim electronic copy complimented with customizable drop-down menus, auto-population, one check auto-selection, auto-save, mandatory fields and more. The forms we create look precisely as you provide them, so you keep compliant with governmental bodies or payors.

  • Create individual or group note templates
  • Report on any field on any form
  • Auto-populate new forms with previously saved data
  • Set up reminders to fill out necessary forms and stay compliant
  • Auto-forward forms to supervisors
  • Auto-populate forms with data patients enter through their portal
  • Create specific rules in forms to avoid missing mandatory fields
  • Accept electronic signatures from both clinicians and patients
  • Create content lists for fields for easy, standardized record-keeping and reporting


Time after time, agencies lose money due to incorrect billing or failing to bill at all. Our state-of-the-art chargemaster solves this problem and reduces your biller’s workload by an estimated 80%. The more complex your billing is, the more EHR Your Way excels. Our chargemaster handles tens of thousands of rules thus removing the chance for human error. Get paid more money and on-time with our best of breed billing module.

  • Auto-create claims at check in or upon completion of notes
  • Automated insurance eligibility check
  • Bill to any clearinghouse
  • Ad hoc and canned real-time reports
  • Auto-create claims & auto-post payments
  • Patient ledger
  • Claim scrubber and batch uploading
  • CPT code customization
  • Accept online credit card payments


Easily create reports with our Reporting module. Our reports will help you identify areas for improvement in clinical care, marketing, finance and operations. This impressive module ranks as one of our top EHR benefits and offers powerful and flexible reporting which can give you immediate answers to nearly any question you might have in mind.

  • Create your own real-time ad hoc reports
  • Report on any field on any form
  • Schedule reporting & delivery to management
  • Track inventory, medication, attendance, employee compensation, and referrals

Our unique reporting system is seamlessly integrated throughout the EHR, which means that you can easily transform every piece of data into a useful report. This level of integration allows for information to flow between the clinical and financial aspects of your agency/clinic. Financial reports can include demographic or clinical information, while clinical staff can view a patient’s open balance information. The result is that every piece of patient or practice information is accessible wherever it is needed.


Save valuable time and money by having client’s complete intake & other forms in the portal which auto-populate into the EHR. Keep them engaged by uploading rating scales, reading material or provider surveys. Features include making payments, messaging, scheduling & more.

By supporting standards-based data formats and protocols of existing healthcare technologies, EHR Your Way Clinical Web API connects your data to numerous other services you might be using.


EHR Your Way is using Google OAuth authentication to send patient/client appointments to the Google Calendar.

To sync appointments between Google Calendar and EHR Your Way, EHR Your Way is taking permission to see, edit, share and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar.

EHR Your Way not storing any client information in our database. We will store the Authentication Token provided by Google after successful Oauth authentication.